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Learning To Suck
My best girlfriend Tina is a total slut. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but she’s fucked six guys and she’s not even nineteen yet! Not me, though. I just turned eighteen, and I plan on staying a virgin till, well, at least till I fall in love. Tina thinks I’m nuts, she says sex is really cool and that I’m missing out on a lot. And actually, I think I was, at least until she taught me how to give a blowjob.

See, I’d had a coupla boyfriends but they never lasted long and I couldn’t figure it out. Then I asked Tina...
Bare Is Better
“You mean you’ve actually done it?”

She grinned at me from the reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“Do it all the time,” she said with a wink. “Ron loves it.”

I was quiet for a minute while I thought about whether or not John, my boyfriend, would love it, too. Wondering if he’d like to come home from work tonight and find a little surprise. Find me; with a shaved pussy.

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Amanda's Mission
“Amanda!” I snapped reproachfully at the blond vixen on the bed as I tried in vain to avert my eyes.

Reluctantly, the lithe teenager removed her fingers from her pretty little pussy with an audible pop, all the while looking at me sullenly...
Anal Invasion
The first time Jimmy stuck his tongue in my asshole I thought for sure I was gonna scream. Partly that was because I couldn’t believe he was actually doing it – I mean, how nasty can you get?! - but mostly it was because it felt so good I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Or maybe it was hell; I didn’t really know and I sure didn’t care...
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A Bet's A Bet

“What’re you looking at?” I snapped, and Billy and Butthead both jumped about a foot off the couch.

Not that I could blame ‘em for looking, really, but still, I was pissed. I mean, sure, I’d told Johnny that if he won our stupid bet I wouldn’t wear clothes for the whole day. But that was only cuz I was sure he’d lose! Plus how was I supposed to know that his buddies were coming over to watch the game? I told him he was a shithead for making me still do it but he said, real snotty, “A bet’s a bet.”

So there I was, buck naked, sitting between Billy and Butthead while Johnny went out for more beer. All I could do was stare at the TV and keep my arms and legs crossed real tight so they couldn’t see anything, even though they tried...
Cock-Sucking Cowgirl
My cock strained at my jeans as Lissa’s tiny fingers fumbled with the zipper. Her blonde head – cowboy hat charmingly askew - bent studiously over her task until her small hand finally wrapped itself lightly around my now-exposed shaft.

“It’s so big,” she whispered softly, looking up at me briefly, her eyes bright in the moonlight.

Oh, Christina!
I like the way my fingers feel on my bare pussy and I can tell that Michael does too because he pulls his penis out...

Oh, Christina, says Michael, and I can tell he’s really liking it now cuz his voice is really low. Touch your little clitty for me now...

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