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Pussy Party
It started out as a pity party.

My girlfriend called me on the phone, all upset ‘cause her boyfriend ditched her. She said he’d met someone who was more “experienced” and he didn’t want to be hanging out with a teenager any more. Well, she’s hardly a teenager - I mean, we both turned nineteen a couple of months ago, so we’re practically grown up - but that didn’t matter to him, I guess...
Showing Her How
“So what’s it like?” I asked my friend Tia, “you know, doing it with a guy?”

“Well, gosh,” she said, shoving a big handful of popcorn into her mouth, “it’s kind of hard to explain.” Then she grinned. “But I could show you.”

“Huh?” I asked, not understanding, “what do you mean?”

Then I looked up and she was holding out this big, fat dildo. That’s when I turned all red.

Her First Lesbian Sex
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Lezzie Lovers
It was my senior year in high school and I should have been having the time of my life. Instead, it sucked. My mom and dad had just divorced and we’d moved to this dumb-ass little town where I didn’t know anyone. To top it all off I turned eighteen on the first day of school. I was so lonely I cried myself to sleep every night. But then, in the second week of school I met my best friend ever, Melanie. Now I’m having the best year of my life and it’s all because of her. Well, really it’s because we’re lovers, I guess.
Lesbian Tendencies
But it’s not the seductiveness of her name that intrigues me, or at least that’s not the sole reason I follow Isabelle, almost hungrily, with my gaze.

It’s more that the curves of her body, so like my own, draw me in; and her firm thighs, vee’d at the center, just as mine are, hold me there. Is it my own curves, my own sex, my own self-love that I lust for?

Is it, then, narcissism that draws me toward Isabelle, and other women, too?

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Her First
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