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Experiencing Isabelle
Some think itís a rather perverted pleasure, I know. Some might even believe that Iím a bit obsessed, enamored as I am with Isabelle.

Theyíd be right.

Oh, Iíve thought about giving her up, once, maybe twice. But then I think about her long legs spread wide for me, her pretty pink slit so appealingly gaped, her perfectly shaped, red painted toes curling as she cums, and I know Iím hopelessly addicted.

Not that Iím complaining, mind you, there are worse fates than to lap at the feet of a goddess. Itís hardly an imposition, after all, to trail the wet tip of my tongue from toe to knee to soft inner thigh. And itís far from unpleasant to lap at Isabelleís delectable pussy until she quivers under my tongue and begs me to fuck her...
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Pretty Johnny
At first the other girls thought it was funny. ďMerrilynís got a groupie!Ē one of them trilled in a sing-songy little voice the day after Iíd first invited Johnny backstage. They thought it was silly and kind of stupid; after all, dancers like us werenít supposed to fraternize with the common folk.

Of course that was before Iíd let on about Johnnyís many talents, before Iíd told them exactly what he did for me in my dressing room after a performance. Or told them, at least, about some of it, about how Johnny would rub my aching legs and feet for hours, until they tingled with renewed energy.

About how Johnny would draw all the tension out of my muscles, so overworked after a long, hard night of dancing, my kicks flying high over my head...
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The Convert
ďIím sorry, Jack, what did you say?Ē I managed, quite diplomatically, I thought. What I really wanted to say was, ďExcuse me, but are you out of your fucking mind?! Let you do what with my feet?!Ē

And then, continuing my fantasy outrage, I would have huffed, ďWhat kind of girl do you think I am, anyway?!Ē

Instead, I stayed calm, looked him in the eyes, and actually listened to his answer, surprising myself, if not him...
The Convert
Pleasing Sylvia.com
Her name is Sylvia. Itís such a beautiful name, donít you think? I know, itís old fashioned, maybe even a little out-dated, but I think itís perfect nonetheless. And it belongs to a perfect woman. A woman to die for, I swear.

When her throaty voice first whispered that name to me over the phone, I imagined her tall and blonde, a goddess with smooth skin and thick, shapely legs. And in the end, I was right. Sylvia is all of those things, and so much more, but I didnít know that at the time...
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