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Exploring The Depths
It wasn't as though I actually planned it, you know. It certainly wasn't my idea to become Jimmy's little rosebud slut. To let him pop my anal cherry once and then be forever hooked on the sensation.

I certainly didn't plan it. But now that I think back, it's entirely possible that he did. Now that I really think about those first few torrid weeks, I think that maybe that's what he had planned for me all along...
Brown Eyed Girl
I know itís nasty. Please believe me, I try not to want it. But I just canít seem to help myself. After Iíd finally let Thomas have his way with my tiny, puckered little hole - first with his wet and probing tongue, then with his thick and turgid cock Ė there was no turning back.

Now I find that I want it that way all the time. I dream about Thomasí lips on my bung hole and I wake sweaty and slick between my thighs. I fantasize about the fat head of his dick piercing my forbidden hole and I come to my senses with my fingers buried deep in my pussy, frantically fucking myself...

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Anal Invasion
The first time Johnny stuck his tongue in my asshole I thought for sure I was gonna scream. Partly that was because I couldnít believe he was actually doing it Ė I mean, how nasty can you get?! - but mostly it was because it felt so good I thought Iíd died and gone to heaven.

Or maybe it was hell; I didnít really know and I sure didnít care.

Not that Iíd ever actually wanted a tongue up my butt; that was never one of my big fantasies, if you know what I mean...

Crystal - An Anal Adventure
I'd like to blame it on something other than my own slightly perverted desires. I'd like to tell you that it's her fault, that she somehow led me down this twisted path of semi-depravity, but that wouldn't be the truth, or not the whole truth at any rate.

Because the whole truth is really as simple as this, Crystal has the finest ass of any woman I've ever seen.

There's no other way to explain it, or excuse it for that matter, but it is the truth. It was seeing Crystal's round, perfectly proportioned ass that did me in, that sunny summer day so many months ago.

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